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NEERAJ CHOPRA Grooves on Harry Sandhu’s Bijlee Bijlee Alongside Social Media Influencers There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even slightly believable. Read More Welcome to ASI Sub Avinash Sable, VSM DIAMOND LEAGUE HELD AT SILESIA, POLAND ON 17 JUL 2023 ASI 3000m S/C 8:11.63sec 6th Posn Qualified for Olympics 2024 Read More Flag Hosting Ceremony on the occasion of
77th Independences Day
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R/Hav Mohit 61 Kg Free Style won Gold medal at
U20 World Wrestling
Championship at Amman, Jordan
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Won Gold Medal (Javelin Throw) in
World Athletics Championship
held at Budapest, Hungary wef
19 Aug to 27 Aug 2023
Won Silver Medal (299.05 pts) 13th Singapore National Diving Championship 2023 held at OCBC Aquatic Centre, Singapore
wef 29 Aug to 05 Sep 2023.
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An MoU with Sri Ramchandran University (SRU) has been inked and six physical conditioners compeleted a certification course at concessional rates. The upgradation in education standard of following individuals would highlight the genuineness of the orgianisation in HRD and empowering the staff :

  • Sub VS Negi, 52 Engr Regt
  • Nb Sub LD Krishna, Unit 732
  • Hav Lakshmipathy K, 14 Engr Regt
  • Hav Sukhjinder Singh, 62 Engr Regt
  • Nk Rakesh M, 35 Med Regt
  • L/Nk Manesh S, 8 Engr Regt

Boys of Boys Sports Company (BSC) are being encouraged to continue higher education and not to treat this minimum education level of 10th as their final target. Study is an ongoing part to understand ‘why we do the training the way we do’ for performance enhancement. The enhanced education level would empower these individuals to take on other mantle in sports in coaching with sufficient acquisition of empirical knowledge.

22 sportsmen have been made to undergo/undergoing NIS diploma in various disciplines since last 21/2years :

 Rank & Name Course Grading Yr Place
Sub C Hamza NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2014-15 Bangalore
Hav Jaivir NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2014-15 Patiala
Sub Atul Kumar NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2014-15 Kolkata
Sub SK Murtaza NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2014-15 Kolkata
Sub Majhi S, VSM NIS Diploma ‘A’ 2014-15 Kolkata
Sep Nilesh Gupta NIS Diploma  – 2015-16 Kolkata
Hav Raju KC Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Aurangabad
Hav TH Chandra Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Aurangabad
Nb Sub Rakesh Kalsakar NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2013-14 Kolkata
Nb Sub Jai Singh Patil NIS Diploma ‘A’ 2013-14 Patiala
Nb Sub Chhote Lal Yadav NIS Diploma ‘A’ 2014-15 Patiala
Sub P Narjit Singh, SM NIS Diploma ‘A’ 2014-15 Patiala
Sep Mandeep Singh Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Patiala
Sub Kunja Kishore NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2014 Bangalore
Hav Mandeep Singh Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Patiala
Hav Gayendta Kumar Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Patiala
Hav Kailash Pujari NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2012-13 Patiala
Hav Shiv Shankar B NIS Diploma ‘A’ 2014-15 Patiala
Sub Dayanand NIS Diploma ‘A’ 2014-15 Patiala
Hav SN Gupta NIS Diploma ‘B’ 2013-14 Patiala
Sub Mohinder Singh Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Patiala
Hav Feroz M Short NIS Diploma  – 2016 Patiala

Additional classes are being ensured for coaches and physical conditioners on weekly basis by the available foreign coaches on methodology and rules as well as by consultants in the field of psychology, physiotherapy and nutrition. This is having enormous effect in enhancing experiential knowledge.

The institute conducts the practical classes for MD in sports medicine and is enlisted as one of the first institutes in India to have commenced this as a collaborative partnership with Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). Medical council of India approved the sports science faculty and infrastructure at ASI for conducting this important degree.

Regular seminars and workshops for educating the sportsmen and support staff are being conducted in favour of anti doping measures. NADA representatives are also invited to conduct workshops to update all stake holders.