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NEERAJ CHOPRA Grooves on Harry Sandhu’s Bijlee Bijlee Alongside Social Media Influencers There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even slightly believable. Read More Welcome to ASI Sub Avinash Sable, VSM DIAMOND LEAGUE HELD AT SILESIA, POLAND ON 17 JUL 2023 ASI 3000m S/C 8:11.63sec 6th Posn Qualified for Olympics 2024 Read More Flag Hosting Ceremony on the occasion of
77th Independences Day
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R/Hav Mohit 61 Kg Free Style won Gold medal at
U20 World Wrestling
Championship at Amman, Jordan
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Won Gold Medal (Javelin Throw) in
World Athletics Championship
held at Budapest, Hungary wef
19 Aug to 27 Aug 2023
Won Silver Medal (299.05 pts) 13th Singapore National Diving Championship 2023 held at OCBC Aquatic Centre, Singapore
wef 29 Aug to 05 Sep 2023.
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“Some missions are born out of national sensitivities ans ‘Team ASI’ is proud to be
providing captaincy and crew to the sporting flagship of Indian Army with Mission Olympic Wing acting as the
guiding lighthouse.”

“Sports Cadet Jeremy L(Weightlifting-56Kg)”
“BUENOS AIRES” Youth Olyampic Games Gold Medalist-2018

Rio 2016 – Participate

Hav Nitender Singh Rawat

Athletic-Marathon Runner

Hav Nitender Singh Rawat, 6 JAT

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 17 Jan 2016

Hav Gopi T

Athletic-Marathon Runner

Hav Gopi T, 11 Fd Regt, 6 JAT

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 17 Jan 2016

HAV Ravinder Khatri

Wrestling-85 KG GRECO-ROMAN

HAV Ravinder Khatri, 19 JAT

Asian Qualifying Tournament At Asthana(Kazakhstan) 18-20 March 2016

Nb Sub Kheta Ram

Athletic-Marathon Runner

Nb Sub Kheta Ram, 6 JAT

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 17 Jan 2016

HAV Ganapati K

Athletic-20 KM Race Walker

HAV Ganapati K, 11 MADRAS

National Open race Walk Championship at Jaipur from 27-28 Feb 16

HAV Sandeep Kumar

Athletic-Marathon Runner

HAV Sandeep Kumar, 16 JAT

Asian Race Walker Championship Nomi City, Japan

Sub Kunhu Md

Athletic-4*400 Mtr Relay

Sub Kunhu Md, 1 STC

Indian Grand Prix Bangalore, 10 Jul 16

Nb Sub Arokia Rajiv

Athletic-4*400 Mtr Relay

Nb Sub Arokia Rajiv, 8 MADRAS

Indian Grand PRIX Bangalore, 10 Jul 16

HAV Jinson Jhonson

Athletic-Marathon Runner

HAV Jinson Jhonson, 8 MADRAS

Indian Grand PRIX Bangalore, 11 Jul 16

The strong bench strength demonstrates future sustainability in walk events with more Indian Army Walkers having eclipsed international benchmark and yardstick in the background og tough selection procedures.

Hav Chandan Singh

Athletics- 20 Km Race Walker

Hav Chandan Singh, 170 Med Regt

Asian Race Walking Championship, On 15 Mar 2015 At Nomi City, Japan

Hav Hav Irfan KT

Athletics- 20 Km Race Walker

Hav Hav Irfan KT, 5 MADRAS

International Open Walk Championship Jaipur From 27-28 Feb 16

Hav Devender Singh

Athletics- 20 Km Race Walker

Hav Devender Singh, 2 RAJ RIF

International Open Walk Championship Jaipur From 27-28 Feb 16

20th Commonwealth Games – Glasgow, 2014

  1. Sub Sukhen Dey, 236 IWT, Gold in Weightlifting (56 kg)
  2. Sub L Debendro, VSM, 90 Fd Regt, Silver in Boxing (49 kg)
  3. Sub K Ravi Kumar, VSM, 102 Engr Regt, Silver in Weightlifting (77 kg)
  4. Nb Sub Chandrakant Mali, BEG Centre, Kirkee, Bronze in Weightlifting (94 kg)

Sub Sukhen Dey

(Weightlifting): Gold

Sub L Debendro, VSM

(Boxing): Sliver

Sub K Ravi Kumar,VSM

(Weightlifting): Sliver

NB Sub Chandrakant Mali

(Weightlifting): Bronze

19th Commonwealth Games – Delhi, 2010

  1. Sub K Ravi Kumar, 102 Engr Regt, Gold in Weightlifting
  2. S/Cadet CH Jignas, 4 Mech, Silver in Archery
  3. Sub Sukhen Dey, 236 IWT, Sliver in Weightlifting
  4. Nb Sub Manoj Kumar, Artillery Centre, Nashik, Silver in Wrestling
  5. Sub Tarundeep Rai, 5/8 GR, Bronze in Archery
  6. Nb Sub VS Rao, No 3 EME Center, Bhopal, Bronze in Weightlifting
  7. Hav Kashinath, 69 Armd Regt, Bronze in Athletics (Javelin Throw)
  8. Hav Sameermon, 33 Fd Regt, Bronze in Athletics (4/100m)
  9. Nb Sub Sunil Kumar, No 3 EME Center,Bhopal, Bronze in Wrestling

18th Commonwealth Games – Melbourne, 2006

  1. Sub V Johnson, MEG Centre, Bangalore, Bronze in boxing
  2. Hav MD Zakir, No 3 EME Centre, Bhopal, Silver in Weightlifting

17th Commonwealth Games – Manchester, 2002

  1. Sub Som Bahadur Pun, 2/5 GR, Silver in boxing

17th Asian Games, Incheon, 2014

  1. Hav Sandeep Kumar, 21 Jat, Team Gold in Archery
  2. Hav Satish Kumar, 11 Kumaon, Bronze in Boxing
  3. Nb Sub Naveen, 20 Lancers, Bronze in 3000 m Steeple Chase
  4. Hav Arokia Rajiv, 8 Madras, Bronze in 400 m

16th Asian Games, Guangzhou, 2010

  1. Sub Tarundeep Rai, VSM, 5/8 GR, Silver in Archery
  2. Nb Sub V Santosh, MEG Centre, Bangalore, Silver in Boxing
  3. Nb Sub Manpreet, 4 Sikh, Silver in Boxing
  4. Hav Sunil Kumar, No 3 EME Centre, Bhopal, Bronze in Wrestling

15th Asian Games Doha, 2006

  1. Hav Aboobacker, 158 Med Regt Silver in Athletics
  2. Nb Sub Tarundeep Rai, VSM, 5/8 GR, Bronze in Archery
  3. Hav Vishwas, 112 Engr Regt, Bronze in Archery
  4. Hav V Johnson, MEG Center, Bangalore, Bronze in Boxing
  5. Hav S Dalvi, No 3 EME Center, Bhopal, Bronze in Wrestling

South Asian Federation Games India, Feb 2016

18 Medals

Nb Sub Arokia Rajiv(Fifth From The Left), Sub Kunhu Md(Sixth From The Left), Athletics(4*400m Relay) Team Gold

Sub Tarundeep Rai, VSM(Fourth From The Left) And Hav Gurucharan Besara(Fifth From The Left), Archery(Rrcurve) Team Gold

Sports Cadet Manas Jyoti Changmai, Archery(compound) Team Gold

6th World Military Games – Mungyeong 2015

  1. India won 02 Silver and 05 bronze Medals
  2. and all sportsmen belong to sports disciplines nurtured
  3. at Army Sports Institute

Nb Sub Arokia Rajiv

8 Madras 400 m SILVER

Hav Dheeraj


Hav Mangal


Hav Hasamuddin


Gnr Devanshu J


Nb Sub Narender

No 1 STC, Jabalpur BOXING (+91KG)BRONZE

Hav Rajib

Basumataray 1812 Lt Regt

Nb Sub Atul Verma

Mahar Regt

Gnr Vakil Raj

194 Fd Regt

Nb Sub Bulbul Marandi

105 Engr Regt

5th World Military Games – Rio 2011

  1. India won 3 Bronze Medals
  2. Suranjoy Singh, Navy, Boxing
  3. 4 x 400 Meter Relay Team, Bronze
  4. Shooting Team, Bronze

4th World Military Games – Hyderabad 2007

  1. India won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 7 Bronze Medals
  2. ASI Discipline
  3. Hav P Narjit Singh, 11 GRRC, Gold in Boxing
  4. Hav Harikrishan Belwar, Arty, Bronze in Boxing
  5. Sigmn G Satyaraju, 1 STC, Bronze in Boxing
  6. Hav D Bhagyarajan, MEG, Bronze in Boxing
  7. Hav Mahendra Thapa, 58 GTC, Bronze in Boxing
  8. Hav C Hamza, Madras Regt Centre, Bronze in 1500 M
  9. Hav Jitender, 1 STC, Bronze in 400 M Hurdles
  10. Other Nodes
  11. GL Yadav, R Mahesh & N Pauchet, Gold in Sailing
  12. 25 MM Centre Fire Pistol Men Team, Silver
  13. Volleyball Team, Bronze

3rd World Military Games – Catania 2003

  1. India won 1 Bronze Medal
  2. Hav Khinanand Belwal, KRC, Boxing

South Asian Federation India

  1. Hav Pradeep Kumar, Wrestling(61Kg) FS Gold
  2. Hav Nitender Singh(Gold) & Hav Kheta Ram(Bronze) Athletics(Marathon)
  3. Sports Cadet Sombo Lapung, Weightlifting(69 Kg) Gold
  4. Hav Ajay Singh, Weightlifting(77kg) Gold
  5. Sub Madan Lal, Boxing(52Kg) Gold