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Team ASI

Name : Col Devraj Gill
APPT : Commandant ASI

Name : Lt Col Ravi Bhatla

Name : Lt Col Rupinderjeet Singh
APPT : Adjutant

Name : Lt Col Kumar Anupam
APPT : OIC Athletics

Name : Lt Col Manoj Kumar

Name : Maj Ramakanth Behera
APPT : Quarter Master

Name : Capt Rakhi Pandey

Every CHAMPION was once a BEGINER, Every SEED has a tree inside…

Lt Gen AS Bhinder

Director General Military Training, VSM, DGMT

Director General Military Training Message

Army Sports Institute was established Established in 2001, to spearhead the Nation’s campaign  for Olympic Glory, Army Sports Institute, Pune has succeeded in achieving many milestones. Entrusted with onerous task of reaching a podium finish in Olympic Games in seven selected sporting disciplines, as part of the Mission Olympic Programme, the Institute is firmly on track to accomplish this task.

I take this opportunity to reiterate the heavy responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the team of Officers, JCOs and Other Ranks who are currently part of this prestigious institution. The nation has created world class facilities in your selected sports in the sulabrious climate of Pune, provided you with the best possible equipment, diet, coaching and sports medicine support at considerable cost, despite the perennial shortage of funds plaguing all aspects of life in our developing country. In turn, the nation and the Indian Army have only one expectation from you – Train Hard and Win Olympic Glory.

I assure you that the Indian Army Will stand behind you like a rock to support you in all your endeavours so that you are not disadvantaged in any way in comparison to your rivals in the international arena. I am sanguine that with the devotion, focus and grit that the sports person & their trainers/managers have displayed all these years, the moment is not far when Army Sports Institute will bring home the coveted Olympic Gold.

God Bless and God Speed.

Col Devraj Gill


Commandant's Message

The Army Sports Institute Pune a high Performance Centre for Seven Olympic sports events namely Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Diving, Fencing, Weightlifting and Wrestling has entered its 21st year and the environment knows very little about it. The elite athletes of the institute have given sterling performance in all format of Championships’ & Games and till Sep 2021 have won 1128 International Medals and 5045 National Medals with thirty four Olympic Qualifications, One Olympic GOLD Medal and Six Youth Olympic Medals.

The sportsmen nurtured at this institute have created many firsts in the performance at International level for Army as well as nation. The first issue of ASI Journal released on 01 Jul 2016 is uploaded on the web site and the aim behind this issue is to share the philosophy and the methods we apply to provide a holistic package of world class infrastructure, foreign coaches and consultants, nutritious diet and Sport Sciences Faculty to elite athletes of Army. The issue also highlights the achievements of Boys Sports Company, ASI serving as a ‘Conveyor Belt Concept’ of providing next crop of athletes for all these seven sports disciplines. The ripples ASI has created as a ‘Team’ in the field of peak performance are for all to see. The institute is on the right course to revolutionise and strengthen the sporting fabric of the Army and the nation.

In Army Sports Institute the sportsmen have been the ‘Centre of Gravity’ and ‘Team ASI’ is constantly inspired by these human bodies endowed with discipline, dedication, determination and devotion. Army Sports Institute carries the responsibility of managing professional career of elite sports persons with laser sharp focus of exposing the talent to the highest human endeavour in sports excellence ie. to win Olympics medals

The Journey lies Ahead… 

On July 1, 2001 Army Sports Institute was established to tap vast talent pool of sportsmen serving in the Army