Weightlifting refers to the sport or activity of lifting weights, typically in the form of bar bells, dumbbells, or other resistance equipment, to improve strength and build muscle mass. It is also a competitive sport with specific rules and regulations governed by international organizations such as the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

Weightlifting involves two main lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. In the snatch, the lifter lifts the barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. In the clean and jerk, the lifter first lifts the barbell to the shoulders (clean) and then lifts it overhead (jerk). Competitors are awarded points based on the maximum weight they can lift in each of these lifts, and the total score is used to determine the winners.

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On July 1, 2001 Army Sports Institute was established to tap vast talent pool of sportsmen serving in the Army